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About Karon

Karon has been featured in People Magazine, various TV Talk Shows as publicity for her non-fiction "Novel" depicting her Nursing experience from Goldcoast to Ghetto at an inner city hospital as a student nurse and an emergency room nurse to the psychiatric unit of a community hospital, to the first aid station of major motion pictures such as ; The Fury, Dr. Detroit, Risky Business and many others. She is also the President of a Home Health Care Agency which pioneered the movement of home care in 1973 before it was fashionable. She and her partner were both Chicago police wives.

She is nationally known and outspoken on Hospital Nursing, Health Care Reform and various other topics in health care. She's experienced as a host since 1984 when she began Healthbreak - a short 15 minute spot on Multimedia Cable. She began her experiecnce with the 30 minute show on Metrovision Cable in 1988 which still airs as a local origination show focused to educate the consumer. She was recognized as Businesswoman of the Year by the Chicago National Association of Women Business Owners and as Southtown Newspaper's Woman of the Year.